Annual Xmas Gracie Barra Gathering / Promotions Day

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

So today we had great time catching up with our training partners and friends over in GB Birmingham for the annual Xmas gathering / promotions day. The day started with the promotions and certificates of recognition for the kids and juniors with lots of happy faces from the kids and parents in attendance.

Next it was over to the adults kicked off by a seminar by Braulio Estima focusing on guard passing.

After this we had the awards for each belt, including most improved, best competitor etc to acknowledge some of the hard work people have been putting in over the last 12 months and their commitment to improve.

Then there were some stripes awarded and the all important belt promotions. There were so many people we were proud to see get promoted today, all of which we have got to see first hand put in the sacrifices and commitment to showing up nearly every day to develop and improve. Every belt is special but none more satisfying than the promotion to Black Belt (Faixa preta), so it was especially good to see one of our close friends and training partners Nandip Singh Khera receive his Black belt today. Congratulations also to Omar and Sohail (who at the time of writing this had also received his black belt too) for their promotions. In addition to this we saw Nathan Roberts (GB Wolverhampton) get his 2nd degree on his black belt together with Aaron Yeung getting his first degree.

Congratulations to everyone whether you got an award, were promoted or just came to support the team. It was an special day for the team which continues to grow stronger every day and is helping to improve peoples lives through Jiu JItsu.

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